Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® Products Fuel Inspiration at 2014 AIA National Convention and Design Expo

For the first time, we offered thousands of AIA attendees visibility of Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® products in one space and delivered a unique interactive experience to showcase how all our products work together to address the whole building envelope. This was a big change for us, as previously we’ve always exhibited separately at industry shows like the AIA National Convention and Design Expo.

Through a series of new, hands-on market solution stations and various displays, we were able to highlight the many ways in which Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® architectural products provide solutions – not just products – to help inspire endless design possibilities.

In addition, several products and systems were featured in the exhibit, including the recently introduced 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System and InFrame™ Interior Framing System. We also highlighted Kawneer and Traco windows and other products across multiple categories, including sun shading, impact resistance, blast mitigation and other high thermal performing products. Additionally, the Reynobond® architectural panels display showcased innovative cladding alternatives, including Reynobond® Panels with EcoClean™ Coating and Reynobond® Panels with PrismFX™ Finishes.

By uniting all brands in one space, we were able to create a design experience that helped fuel inspiration. Our objective is to deliver solutions that give life to your inspiration. With Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® architectural products, we are offering architects a new way to look at the façade, placing endless design options at their fingertips.

Kawneer was also among a limited number of exhibitors providing educational opportunities on the expo floor within the CES Theatres. During the filled-to-capacity, 60-minute session, Henry Taylor, Kawneer’s architectural service team consultant, offered an exclusive look at curtain wall design and selection.

This year we saw an increase in our overall show attendance as well as an increase in traffic to our booth. The response to our combined exhibit was overwhelmingly positive. We plan to continue to share this interactive booth experience at the Greenbuild® International Conference and Expo, October 22–24, in New Orleans. Stay tuned for other activities that will continue to show how Kawneer, Traco and Reynobond® products can work together to not only inspire architects, but also create solutions for a range of design and building needs.

Partnership with Purdue University Provides Useful Testing Grounds

Kawneer is dedicated to developing high-performing building solutions that address real-world design and building challenges. Through our partnership with Indiana’s Purdue University, we recently had the opportunity to sponsor the High Performance Buildings Conference in July. The annual conference hosted more than 750 attendees, and approximately 410 technical papers were submitted. Among the submissions were Purdue student and faculty papers based on analysis using Kawneer-outfitted research pods. Purdue students swept the top three awards at the conference.

“Our ongoing association with Herrick Laboratories is a great example of our commitment to education and progress. It underscores the Alcoa Advantage at work: talented people exchanging innovative ideas, and partnerships that will advance our business for generations to come,” said Bill Hooper, director of product development for Kawneer.

We began our collegiate partnership with Purdue University by sponsoring three living laboratory research pods. Our collaboration with the university has developed into a multi-faceted research project in the Ray Herrick Living Labs building expansion. The project includes four research classrooms called “living labs.”

“These unique spaces are classroom-sized working offices where researchers are able to experiment with new systems and concepts,” Hooper said. “Over the course of the year, researchers will observe the effect of Kawneer’s curtain wall on occupants and assess conditions like daylighting, heat buildup and air exchange.”

Beneficial to both parties, the monitoring allows Kawneer to gather feedback and data to apply to future material production while giving the Herrick Laboratories a state-of-the-art facility.